The Cabinet

Bachelor of Architectural Design Studio, 2013


Studio Leaders: Michael Spooner & Kim Bridgland


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The Cabinet developed, extended and renovated the historically significant Como House and Garden in South Yarra, Melbourne.Built in 1847, and inhabited by the Armytage family since 1864 till it was handed to the National Trust in 1959 for preservation, Como House and Garden records the changing fortunes of the family and the wider political and social upheavals of over 100 years of the State of Victoria.

Since the National Trust opened it to the public, the house has seen fewer and fewer visitors. Presently the House is all but closed to the general public, with the exception of weddings and events.In an effort to preserve the original gift, the studio proposes a new art gallery, event pavilion, artist’s residence(s) and feature landscape. The studio endeavored to ask after the contemporary relevance of Como House and Garden.

Students: Yoo Jin An, Min Ji Lee, Pei She Lee, Michael Lopes-Vierira, Mary-Faith Cristoria, Robert Hillman, Duong Tual Le, Tamsin O’Reilly, Benjamin Tan, Margot Watson, Ghalia Yashar, Guo Wei Ho & Isabelle Jooste.