Bachelor of Architectural Design – Design Studio, Semester 1, 2018

STUDIO LEADERS: Michael Murdock + Michael Ferreyra

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This semester our project will focus on the potential
for extreme architecture that can survive extreme
natural conditions, through efficiency in materiality,
and form.

The studio will focus on the research, design and
documentation of a remote outpost for travelers,
Eco-tourists and holiday makers alike, in an extreme
location situated on the rim of a volcano in Turkey.

Students will need to consider how their design embraces the surrounding environment, how the architecture complements and frames the landscape,
the siting of the project, aspect, orientation, and views.
Students will also need to consider the appeal of the location as a world heritage site, the practical implications and difficulties of the site, site access,
seasonal weather challenges, build-ability, and the durability of materials in an extreme and unforgiving landscape.

In the first part of the semester students will undertake design research where they will be required to undertake site analysis, research architectural
precedents, and develop a proposition for a research base and Eco-tourism hub. Working to a brief, students will develop a master plan and consider
site opportunities and constraints. Students will then develop their design, they will work at an elemental scale investigating design elements,
components, and articulation. As a design group we will workshop suitable construction methods, establish and develop design diagrams to
communicate our design ideas and strategies.

Final project will be a competition entry poster and an elemental scale model of a part of the building.
During the semester students will focus on site research, architectural precedents, team organisation, the development and discovery of the design
concept, the importance of the diagram, and presentation and graphic skills.
Students will be encouraged to use digital tools such as Rhino, Grasshopper, Maya. and will be required to work in a design team of 3-4 students.