Synthetic Forms

Bachelor of Architectural Design – Design Studio, Semester 1, 2018

STUDIO LEADERS: Roland Snooks + Charlie Boman

Tags BASBAS2018Sem1Charlie BomanRoland Snooks

This studio will explore the design of intricate forms, their atmospheric affects and strange qualities. Advances in robotic fabrication and building-scale 3D printing is about to radically change the relationship between cost and form, with highly intricate geometries becoming cheaper than conventional fabrication of rectilinear geometry.

The studio will explore forms that are becoming possible with emerging building-scale 3D printing, in an attempt to articulate what the forms of 3D printed architecture might be and how these could be a radical departure from current architectural form-making. Within this context the studio will develop a synthetic design process that combines emergent algorithmic approaches, the logic of 3D printing and painterly operations to create a strange hybrid.

Architectural forms will be interrogated for their affects, poise, and strangeness. A constant interaction between painterly and algorithmic strategies will be encouraged within the studio, so rather than a linear or sequential relationship between various aspects of the design process – these will be explored simultaneously, interacting within a continuous feedback.

No experience with algorithmic tools is required, however

a willingness to engage in these tools and highly iterative processes is essential.