111 Building for Social Housing

Flores & Prats Archs, Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats

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The Building 111 is a Social Housing project at the edge of Barcelona city. This project proposes not just to house 111 families in the same block, but to act as a social container that encourages neighbours to relate and know each other, an experience of social relationships. The future of collective housing should provide spaces for the neighbours to relate each other, not to isolate them. Therefore, the building proposes a series of common spaces where to meet and say hello when coming or exiting from home. The building intends in this way to dissolve the limits between the public and the private domains.

A big Central Patio is the core of the project, a social platform that relates families of very different origins. This central open piazza with playgrounds, surrounded by the houses, will concentrate all the attention and crossed sights among neighbours.

The scale of this courtyard -in order to keep privacy and at the same time provoke tension-, the relationship of this space to the open landscape in front, and all the social ambiences of the apartments towards this space -like balconies of a theatre-, has been the key elements for the design.