1:1 One [two] One – Urban Installations from Melbourne

July 19, 2010

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One-two-One design studio at RMIT Architecture proposed to bridge the gap between London and Melbourne with “twin” installations constructed from recycled laminate sheets. The projects were designed for sites in Bankside, London and central Melbourne, conceived as a single space split by a 10,000-mile section cut. Laminate sheet material, a mass-produced paper-based product popularlised in the post-war period, is highly discarded each year for reasons unrelated to performance but due to shifts in consumer preference, manufacturing processes or surface appearance.

The One-two-One project proposes a series of full-scale projects for two international sites which reclaim this material from the local waste stream and retool it for architectural use. The process of lamination used in making the sheet material is experimented with at a variety of larger scales, from joinery to panel systems to architectural spaces. As such the projects introduce new applications for laminate sheets beyond the conventional surface veneer, including component-based systems and structural panels.

Each project develops a unique method of flat-packable assembly which conforms to standard international luggage dimensions and weights, designed from repeatable modules and light-frame structures as a form of ready-made architectural cargo.


Exhibition Opening: Monday, July 19th, 6pm

Venue: Bowen Street, RMIT (at the Latrobe Street end by the tall light pole)

Leanne Zilka, Gretchen Wilkins, John Cherry, RMIT Architecture
& RMIT Master of Architecture (professional) students:
Mak Alex, Nik Kellina Bakti, Jonathan Barzel, Maximilien Forget, Timothy Heron, Ashini Erangi Kulatunge, Bronwyn Litera, Mathilde Lucas, Xiaozhou Qin, Oscar Sainsbury, Shann Ching Lee Yi Ting, Pei Yong

RMIT Architecture, Melbourne
Cambridge University;
University of Innsbruck;
Cardiff University;
Arts University College Bournemouth;
Central Saint Martins;
Oxford Brookes;
Canterbury School of Architecture;
Kingston University;
London Metropolitan University;
Kyung Won and Dong Yang Universities;
Parma University

Sponsored by RMIT Design Research Institute, The Laminex Group