“Competition of competitions” finalist


RMIT Melbourne


We congratulate Gretchen Wilkins, Director of the Master of Urban Design program at RMIT, who has been announced a finalist in “COMPETITION OF COMPETITIONS: Redefining Briefs, Clients and Agents” by Storefront for Art and Architecture for the AAAI! with the project Future Factory. Team members from RMIT Architecture include Ian Nazareth, Sarah Moussa, Francisca Rodriguez, Nicholas Stathopolous, Ken Yip Lai and Matthew Ellis. The competition was organised by the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City, and asked teams to propose a hypothetical design competition to raise urgent topics in architecture and urbanism. The finalists will be displayed at Storefront as part of the ‘Letters to the Mayor’ exhibition, from 30 April-24 May. Final awards are announced at the opening on 29 April.