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Final Year Design Thesis

Major Project Design Thesis - Advanced Technologies Stream
Undergraduate Final Year Design Semester 9 and 10
Recurring offering
This page includes a student projects archive and an essay outlining the Advanced Architecture stream research and supervisory focus.

Upperpool Design Studios

Material Potency
Upperpool Design Studio and Workshop
semester 2, 2005
Pia Ednie-Brown - SIAL
Jonathan Podborsek - kokkugia, Architecture/SIAL
This studio included an intensive four week design workshop with visiting fellows Alisa Andrasek, biothing, USA, and Chris Perry, servo, USA

Material Potency Workshop
Convenor: Pia Ednie-Brown
Workshop Leaders:
Alisa Andrasek - biothing, USA
Chris Perry - servo, USA
Pia Ednie-Brown - AAL/SIAL
Jonathan Podborsek - kokkugia, AAL/SIAL
Workshop participants:
Upper Pool Design Studio Students

related interview:
Chris Perry from Servo (mp3 file)
Interviewed by Stuart Harrison (RMIT Architecture Lecturer), Simon Knott and Rory Hyde
The Architects RRR Radio Show
2nd Aug 2005

International Architecture Workshop Series:
Upperpool Design Studios, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Paul Minifie & Jan van Schaik - RMIT Architecture, Advanced Architecture
Each of these studios incorporate an intensive two week collaborative cross-institutional design workshop, held in the city of one of the host institutions who are part of the IAW regional network:

Design Workshops:
International Architecture Workshop 5, Montpellier France, 2006
International Architecture Workshop 4: Innocent City, Sendai Japan, 2005
International Architecture Workshop 3: Leisurelandz, RMIT Melbourne, 2004
International Architecture Workshop 2: Easily Flooded Architecture, Montpellier France, 2003

workshop participants:
Paul Minifie & Jan van Schaik - RMIT Architecture
RMIT Architecture Upperpool Design Studio Students
N+B Architects, Montpellier France
Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Sendai Japan
Architecture Academics and Students from:
L’Ecole d’architecture longuedoc Rousillon, Montpellier France
Migayi University, Sendai Japan
Tohoku University, Sendai Japan
Tohoku University of Technology, Sendai Japan

Communications Seminars

Strange Procedures
Architectural Communications Seminar - Advanced Technologies Stream
Ongoing offering
Tutor: Paul Minifie - Architecture (AAL/SIAL)
with Kynan Woodman, Peter Ryan
Digital techniques, internal methods (algorithms), formal representations (data structures). Software: Visual Basic Scripting with Autocad, Microstation, rhino, and Excel.

Beyond Representation
Architectural Communications Seminar - Advanced Technologies Stream
Offered 2004
Tutor: Inger Mewburn - Architecture/SIAL
Digital rendering technique to enable students to bend the rules with impunity. Software: 3dsVis, Photoshop.

Architectural Theory Seminars/Electives

Architectural Composition - Emergence and Vitality
Architectural Theory Seminar - Advanced Technologies Stream
Ongoing offering
Coordinator: Pia Ednie-Brown (Architecture/SIAL)
Explores the historical and philosophical relationship between theories of emergence and architectural composition.

Vital Signs
Architectural Theory Seminar - Advanced Technologies Stream
Ongoing offering
Coordinator: Pia Ednie-Brown (Architecture/SIAL)