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post-professional research degree
individual supervision

Applicants for this degree can nominate the focus of their research. Candidates engage with specialised areas of design research by project or undertake historical and theoretical architectural research investigations in thesis mode.

Architecture discipline supervision and research areas are listed here:
RMIT Architecture Research Streams

The Urban Architecture Laboratory - UAL and Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory - SIAL are key research clusters where PhD supervision is undertaken in urban architectural design and in the architectural application of digital technologies respectively.

A candidate will be accepted when the proposed research or area of inquiry can be facilitated by the School. This PhD research degree may be undertaken in thesis mode or through an architectural research project documented with framing exegesis.

8 semesters full-time, 16 semesters part-time

Assoc. Professor Peter Downton
School of Architecture + Design Research Director

Pam Trannore
Postgraduate Administration Coordinator
RMIT School of Architecture and Design

For full details of the above program including: program structure, courses details etc go to Doctor of Philosophy

Architectural Discourse

PhD in Architecture - Architectural Discourse
Post-professional research degree
Individual Supervision

The Architectural Discourse postgraduate research stream encompasses architectural history, architectural theory, design discourses and architectural criticism. Postgraduate candidates in this stream undertake individually supervised research on candidate proposed and negotiated topics.

RMIT Architecture has maintained a particular focus on the archiving of local architectural practice histories, and on the theorising of emerging design practices, particularly in the context of contemporary urban conditions and in response to emerging digital technologies. Architectural discourse candidates are primarily working in one of these areas.

Most discourse candidates are working in the thesis mode and submit a written thesis. A small number of candidates are engaging in research by project, or in a hybrid model of a thesis with a project-based research component.

Senior and Co-Supervisors:
Brent Allpress, RMIT Architecture Research Director, Architecture Postgraduate Coordinator
Peter Downton, Prof of Architectural Theory, School Research Director
Harriet Edquist, Prof of Architectural History, Director of the School History & Critical Studies Interdisciplinary Cluster
Pia Ednie-Brown, Senior Lecturer, RMIT Architecture/SIAL
Dr Helene Frichot, Senior Lecturer, RMIT Architecture

Current affiliated Co-Supervisors in the School from other related disciplines:
Suzie Attiwell, RMIT Interior Design Postgraduate Coordinator, History Theory Coordinator
Dr Robyn Barnacle, RMIT Research and Innovation Research Fellow
Dr Paul Carter, Visiting Prof, University of Melbourne
Robyn Healy, RMIT Fashion Postgraduate Coordinator
Dr John MacArthur, Visiting Prof, University of Queensland
Dr Julliet Peers, RMIT Lecturer in Architecture and Design, Fashion

Architectural Discourse Postgraduate Program

4 semesters fulltime, 8 semesters part-time.

Peter Downton - School Research Director, PhD Program Coordinator

Pam Trannore
Postgraduate Administration Coordinator
RMIT School of Architecture and Design


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Pam Trannore
Postgraduate Administration Coordinator
RMIT School of Architecture and Design